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Jonathan Hindson: Home

Posted by aliki at 5:59 PM on Oct 24, 2015


Jonathan Hindson, a South African born, French-based artist currently in residence at Gallery MOMO, will be showcasing a body of new works in his exhibition titled "Home". This will be Hindson’s first solo exhibition in South Africa.

For his show at Gallery MOMO Hindson uses his perception of various situations influenced by memories that define him as a person. “What I call reality is the result of this influence. There can be no such thing as one single truth.” The philosophical influences of Jacques Derrida, specifically his philosophy on deconstruction, Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Camus, Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger play a pivotal role in his decision making when creating.

Hindson’s artworks confront us with the question of what we call "home", and if we call it "home", why? The notion of "home" is deconstructed in Hindson’s artworks in such a manner that we are ultimately faced with an ontological instability.

The exhibition will be on at Gallery MOMO in Johannesburg from 19 November 2015 until mid January 2016 and travel to Gallery MOMO Cape Town in 2016.

Jonathan Hindson's works were printed at Lightfarm.

Gallery Momo