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Mosquito Lightning at the Goodman Gallery

Posted by aliki at 5:16 PM on Mar 20, 2016


As part of a solo exhibition reflecting on the wide global income gap, inequity in South Africa, the legacy of British imperialism, and digital information saturation, Carla Busuttil collaborates with Chris Saunders and Gary Charles in Mosquito Lightning.

This satirical work explores the surreal and bizarre social compact between wealthy South Africans and the thriving private security industry whose sustained growth relies on fear of crime and rampant inequality.

Mosquito Lightning is a fabricated security outfit with boomed check-points, a uniform, and a live marketing campaign; created to exploit the normalised absurdity of South Africa's middle-class obsession with personal security.

“I feel it allows the viewer to get closer to the subject matter,” says Busuttil on the use of masks, crude imagery and humour to neutralise the characters, distorting their identity and eroding attempts to classify them. “Issues around race, gender, status and nationality are key to our understanding of how power can be used to shape and control societies.”

Mosquito Lightning by Carla Busuttil, Chris Saunders and Gary Charles CHOICE. CLICK. BAIT @ Goodman Gallery: 7 APRIL 2016 (18H00) until 28 APRIL 2016.

Lightfarm printed a photographic series by the three artists exhibited at Mosquito Lightning.