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Ben Skinner at Miami SCOPE

Posted by aliki at 5:59 PM on Oct 24, 2015


With his extensive experience of working with people photographically, Benjamin Skinner has a multifarious collection of work that varies from images of single figures in austere environments through to large groups in elaborate settings.

His fascination with humanity manifests in his use of people with compelling and idiosyncratic features and in creating habitats that expose individuals in all their rawness. Skinner has developed a style that is at once provocative and disturbing, mercurial and curious, often darkly humorous and utterly distinctive.

Skinner's work for the SCOPE Miami Art fair is characterised by an impeccable mark that is both filmically aged as well as exact in hue and tone. For this purpose we went for a bright white cotton rag that has a subtle texture and a wide range of colour and tone to best translate the digital image into print.

Benjamin Skinner's works were printed at Lightfarm.

Author: Amichai Tahor

LC_Ben Skinner SCOPE