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Terry Kurgan: Hotel Yeoville editions

Posted by aliki at 5:59 PM on Oct 24, 2015


Lightfarm is proud to be associated with the "Public Art/Private Life A.K.A the Hotel Yeoville project" prints that where created for a limited edition print set via Gallery AOP, as well as a set of limited print book portfolios created for a Fourthwall publication.

The work comprises of a set of composite portraits that challenge any technical grade and introduced motion, high sensor noise, heavy colour casts and clipping as variables in the final composition. At the same time they spoke of an enormous free expression and intimacy.

We chose Hahnemuehle Bamboo, with an intensely wide colour and tone gamut, high saturation and an almost holographic detail retention (where every speckle in the image shines). This resolved in a selection of bright, and intimately seductive prints.

Terry Kurgan's works were printed at Lightfarm.

Author: Amichai Tahor