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Ayana Jackson: Future – Past – Imperfect

Posted by aliki at 6:59 PM on Mar 15, 2016


Ayana Jackson has had a long personal relationship with the ethnological archive, focusing on her body as the site for engagement. Her work speaks of that relationship through technical and stylistic references, while the intimate touch of the artist searches through and modifies those references.

For Lightfarm this offers a unique challenge of compositing and styling to the artist's unique outlook while engaging with the limitation of the source image. The results are exciting in the way they shift between a recreation and the newness of post-digital photography.

According to Jackson, the title Future – Past – Imperfect combines two language tenses, Past Imperfect, which describes actions in the past that occurred repeatedly, and the Future Perfect, which describes an action that will be finished or "perfected" in the future.

Jackson elaborates, “When I look at recent works it has become evident that for very personal, as well as political reasons, I am interacting with an extremely flawed past as a means for constructing a more perfect future.”

Ayana Jackson’s Future – Past – Imperfect will be running from 4 February to the 12 March 2016 at Gallery MOMO Cape Town and will be moving to Gallery MOMO Johannesburg in mid year 2016.

Ayana Jackson's works were styled and composited at Lightfarm.

Author: Amichai Tahor